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Blockbuster led headlight has come

2016-01-05 09:30:52

With the experience which is more than ten years in auto car headlight industry, we have researched C type led headlight.

As we know, led products are developing faster and faster. It also will replace traditional lighting products more and more quickly. Maybe there are some people have the idea in mind: new product is accepted by humans very difficultly. But we would like to tell you that idea will be disappeared and the word “LED” is remembered deeply, because of long lifespan, super brightness and pro-environment. So we insist on our research of led headlight.

Now let us introduce our C type led headlight.

C-type led headlight is researched out on the basis of B-type (more pictures can click “ PRODUCTS” on the navigation).

In a word, it has three major advantages:

1. Super brightness

C type used 40w CREE XHP-50 led chip, lumen reaches 4800lm fully.

2. Easy installation

C type used “ribbon” to be the base and it can be shaped. So there is no need to worry about installation.

3. Faster heat dissipation

C type used red copper to achieve the heat dissipation.

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